Tournament – Sunday 13th Oct 2019 – 10:00am-5:00pm


If your receiving this you have said your playing in the tournament and I need to start collecting the £5 entry fee when you see me please.

I will be completing the draw for the pool matches tonight after Squash night in the leisure centre bar, with whoever joins me for a beer.

We have 18 players to be drawn into 6 Pools of 3 players each:

Rankings are based on League, Box & Friendly results, plus my own knowledge, I will ask where not sure, but need solid honest answers!! I will know!!

A handicap will then be allocated, I aim to publish this for scrutiny next week.

The top 6 ranked players will be kept apart for the pool matches and drawn into separate pools.

The next ranked players will then be drawn against a Pool

Then the final 6 players drawn into a Pool

Winners of each pool plus two best placed 2nd places will go into the Quarter Finals of the Champions Cup

All others will go into the Quarter Finals of the Plate Competition

Everyone will get at least 3 matches and we need those not playing to umpire and score, calling lets and strokes.

There are a number of free apps available to help with this:

I use Squore from the Play Store

I believe the Apple store has one called Squash score that some use.

Its advisable to practice using  the app before arriving. Watch the telly and score a squash or tennis match for those not familiar.

You will need to set them up as Best of 3 Games, Point-A-Rally (American) scoring and each game to 11 Points.

We have a lot of games to get through!

Time dependant I may switch to Best of 5 games for the Semi’s & Final.

that should kill those off that are still standing!!



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