Yate Squash Promotion 2024

We’re pleased to announce a new initiative to raise the profile of our Club and improve Squash participation in Yate, across the board, for all ages from juniors up.

We’re also promoting Racketball (Squash 57) which is a more accessible game that’s also played in squash courts but with a larger, bouncier ball, short handled rackets and more relaxed rules.

We’d like to thank the following organisations for their help and support by hosting our promotional banners:

  • Tesco
  • Yate Shopping Centre
  • Yate Library

Squash will feature for the first time at the Olympics in 2028 (Los Angeles) and this will provide another great opportunity to raise the profile of our sport.

Finally, we’d like to thank Avon Squash for their grant award that’s contributed to the costs of the totem promotion displays.


Yate Squash Club

Yate Squash Club

Yate Squash Club

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